Zumba with Allison in Campbellford

Zumba with Allison in Campbellford


About Us

Zumba with Allison in Campbellford has been operating since 2020. Allison Townsend became certified as a Zumba instructor in 2019 and has since been leading classes in Campbellford and previously on Zoom.
Prior to Zumba Allison’s working life included growing vegetables, graphic design, and a career in Sales. As well, Allison has being involved with the local bellydance troupe, the Firelights since 2008.
Here’s what Allison would like you to know: Zumba is an awesome workout! It's great for your heart, brain and all your muscles. You’ll strengthen your arms, legs, core, everything!
Each song has its own steps and the choreographies are ‘easy to follow’, challenging and fun.
You’ll get to move to all kinds of music: Latin rhythms, Disco, Bhangra, Irish… we mix it up!
Participants move forward and back, and side to side quickly. You can scale it down or pick up the pace.
This dance-fitness class so fun the time will fly and you’ll finish feeling fantastic.
The class is One Hour of Cardio, followed by a Balance Challenge and Stretch, total approximately 70 minutes.
Outdoor classes are being offered at the Gazebo in Old Mill Park during the summer until the weather changes when Zumba will move back indoors. There are four classes each week, see class-times below. The class fee is 5 classes for $40 or Drop-in: $10. Contact Allison for more details and to sign up for a free class.


  • Great Cardio workout
  • Improve Balance and Coordination
  • Challenge your Brain
  • Have fun moving to different kinds of music
  • Easy to follow Zumba, it's lots of fun!


Allison Townsend, Zumba Instructor
Summer classes are at the GAZEBO in Old Mill Park
Zumba on the corner fundraising for the Ukraine
The Ladies are ready for Zumba
There are so many great songs to dance to...
Zumba is FUN!