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Your One Stop Adulting Shop!
We've Got Your Bongs and Dongs!
We've Got Your Blades & Shades!

Campbellford Lifestyle Shop began with boots on the ground activism. Formerly known as Blaizin Wrinklz Enterprises and then later on as CannaDaze. We began with a suitcase of flags, shirts, hats & buttons that we would sell at various events and flea markets. We quickly grew into a brick-and-mortar storefront and widened our product variety 10 fold, becoming Campbellford's only operating Headshop and Body Piercing Shop.

We thrived in our location until Covid came around and we had to change things up again in order to survive the pandemic. This is when we brought in a much wider variety of products. We went from selling mainly smokeware to selling Bongs and Dongs, Blades and Shades, Vapours and Papers and so much more!

We now retail various adult related novelty items including glass, acrylic, ceramic & silicone smokeware and bedroom toys among a variety of other products such as knives, games, plant nutrients, basic indoor/outdoor garden supplies, jewelry, cold beverages & munchies and also offer a body piercing service.

Need a Key Cut? We do that too!

Our products are always changing so stop in to see what we have.