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Robin's Nest Farm is a farm-to-table business, offering responsibly raised beef, pork, and chicken.
Currently offering a new BBQ pack, just in time for grilling season. It has everything needed, whether it’s a weekend at the cottage or trailer, or a weekend at home. 8 beef patties, 2 packs pork sausages, 4 prime steaks, 2 loin chops, and 2 smoked ham steaks…… all for $100. Add the buns and salads and meal planning is done!

Orders can be picked up at the farm (on the front porch), or local delivery is available. Please text or email to place an order, or for more details.

Robin's Nest Farm is still farming away and working hard to make sure there is a good supply of quality, local pork and beef to provide to customers.
During the pandemic, a ''stuck at home'' special is being offered, which includes: 4 lbs ground beef, 1 lb stew beef, 2 pkgs prime steaks, 1 beef roast, 1 smoked ham, 1 pkg pork sausage, and 2 pkgs loin chops, for $120.



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