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Joy Works Seminars & Grief Recovery Ontario.
Joy Works Seminars was established in 1999 to help people live happier lives. But life bring hurts. So in 2018 Grief Recovery Ontario was launched to teach folks how heal those hurts and make room for joy. For 40 years people have been using The Grief Recovery Method® to heal their hearts and help the children they love. It’s finally arrived in Trent Hills. 905-586-1837


  • Grief is the conflicting feelings that arise when a familiar pattern changes or ends.
  • Whether the changes are for the good or not - if there is change, there can be grief.
  • How often have you felt "stuff" that you didn't know what to do with?
  • Almost everyone who learns the Grief Recovery Method, wishes that they'd learned it sooner.
  • Learn how to help your kids deal with their "stuff" before they collect a lifetime's worth.

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