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About Us

My name is Michael Deschamps , MGD stands for Michael Graham Deschamps, (my full name) I have been filming and editing since I was a young boy. My parents bought a household computer when I was growing up(roughly 12 years old). I used that computer for windows movie maker and Sony Vegas to edit the footage from my Kodak disposable style camera.

Since those days I have continued to grow and creat films. I now use full 4k cameras with stabilizers and Full 4k drones.

We record and edit audio, do photography and create films of many orientations.

Mgdmedia now runs multiple YouTube and social media pages as well. We have helped grow multiple companies online presence as well as establish YouTube channels to show their work.

Project Examples:
-Wedding films
-Events coverage
-Show vehicle displays
-interview style vidoes

Feel free to check out my personal YouTube pages for more examples of my work!

Youtube- Michael deschamps
Youtube- Mgdmedia