Trent Hills Foot Care Clinic

Trent Hills Foot Care Clinic

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About Us

“Trent Hills Foot Care Clinic” staffed by two professional Registered Practical Nurse with over 30+ years of Nursing experience.
We are located at 174 Oliver Rd, unit 11, behind Campbellford hospital, in the bottom of the multi care lodge.

This practice of client-center nursing care focused on the health and care of the lower limb and foot using specialized knowledge and quality medical instruments.
Each visit will include assessing your lower limbs and feet. Looking at your overall health of skin, Toenails and circulation.
Assessing for the following:
• Nail fungus
• Calluses
• Corns
• Diabetic foot-care and treatment of high-risk feet
• Ingrown toenails
• Involuted toenails
• Heel fissures
• Hammer toes
• Planter warts
• Referrals and recommendations
• Liaison with doctor regarding treatments and evaluating the effectiveness
• Nail discolouration/ thick toenails
• Ingrown toenails
If you have any questions please feel free to call 705-653-5888.